When It’s Time to Give Up the Car Keys

Last fall, Gordon and Norma Yeager made headlines when the couple’s 72-year marriage came to an end in an Iowa hospital where they died holding hands after getting into a car accident.  The headlines brought tribute to their 72-year marriage; but the truth behind the headlines is more thought provoking.  Just five days earlier, the 94-year-old Mr. Yeager had failed his driving test in attempting to renew his driver’s license, at which time he was issued a suspension notice and 30-day temporary permit.  The concern over our elders’ ability and competency to continue driving is something that enters families’ homes across America on a daily basis, but that concern ushers with it the question of how to appropriately address the issue, as we are often confronting our own parents.

Read here to learn more about the debate surrounding handing over the car keys and different ways to address the issue.

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