You Can’t Afford to be a Shrinking Violet!

Considering that women are likely to live longer, face greater healthcare costs, be single in old age, and face lower income than men, women simply cannot afford to shrink away from retirement planning.  According to the MetLife Mature Market Institute’s Study of Women, Retirement, and the Extra-Long Life, although women age 50 to 70 expect to live until age 85 and 90 and are more concerned than men about affording healthcare, long term care, and outliving their assets, only slightly more than half of the women surveyed know the likely amount of their retirement income/assets, and only 44 percent have calculated the amount of their essential expenses.  Regardless of whether you are married or single, it is of primary importance for a woman to be actively involved in planning for financial security during retirement.

Click here to learn more about this study and the financial risk of being a shrinking violet in planning for your financial future.

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