Ten Year-End Financial Considerations for Near-Retirees

Ten Year-End Financial Savings IdeasWant to find out how you may be able to save approximately $1,000 this year, without even having to buy a lottery ticket? Well, it may take you a couple of hours to sit down and contemplate, but here are ten year-end financial decisions you should consider in determining whether you can save even more during the holidays:

1) Harvest capital losses;
2) Harvest capital gains;
3) Convert to a Roth IRA;
4) Rebalance your portfolio;
5) Use state tax credits;
6) Fund 401(k)s and HSAs;
7) Outline next year’s goals;
8) Gift some money, especially for charitable purposes;
9) Maximize itemized deductions; and
10) Complete a tax projection.

To learn more about the specific things you should consider with the above listed ideas, click here.

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