Bette Parrett

FOUR PILLARS SUCCESSFULLY LED OUR BATTLE FOR VETERANS BENEFITS . . . When my father experienced a series of health problems that required hospitalization and short-term nursing care, my parents struggled with the burden of mounting healthcare costs. I asked several social workers at his medical facilities if there were resources to assist them with the financial strain the healthcare bills created. Every social worker I spoke to told me there was no help available. Because my father’s illness impacted my parents’ financial outlook, we decided to do some planning. A distant relative highly recommended Kelly Shovelin and Four Pillars Law Firm. At the initial meeting with my mother and me, one of the very first questions Kelly asked was: “Is your father a veteran?” Yes. Her next question was: “Did he go to war?” My father served in the army on the front line during the Korean War. “Then he’s eligible for Veteran’s Benefits”, explained Kelly. I was stunned. I couldn’t believe that not a single social worker or healthcare representative had made us aware of this. Kelly navigated us through the entire application process, and thank goodness she did. I can’t imagine how a senior citizen would ever make it through such an incredibly arduous process on his own! Even with Kelly’s expert guidance, it took seven months to get my father approved as a qualified veteran. Kelly knew to take every necessary precaution, and we were grateful for her foresight and thoroughness. She kept copies of every single document, always sending them via certified and registered mail, so she would be at the ready when the government asked us to fill out the same forms time and time again (and they did!). My father now receives a monthly disability pension of (about two thousand dollars) per month to help defray the cost of his medical expenses. My parents’ relief in knowing they won’t be financially crippled by his ongoing medical costs—well, that’s priceless. I can’t imagine where they would be today if it weren’t for Kelly’s expertise. Although the application and approval process for Veteran’s Benefits is trying at best, Kelly was steadfast in her work. A patient, compassionate advocate for my father, she calmly and skillfully held the front line throughout a long administrative battle. My Dad says she deserves her own medal!
As my parents struggled with the financial burden of my father’s ongoing medical expenses, social workers told me there were no resources available to help. Yet, within minutes of meeting Kelly Shovelin, she ascertained that my father, a veteran of the Korean War, was indeed eligible for Veteran’s Benefits. Thanks to her efforts, my father now receives a monthly disability pension of $1949.00 per month to defray his medical expenses.
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