Emily Hill

SPENDING DOWN AND LOOKING UP: KEEPING MEDICAID BENEFITS AND PERSONAL ASSETS . . . My 89-year-old mother and I assumed responsibility for the care of my first cousin following a death in our family. Years prior, my cousin had suffered a stroke, leaving him with disabilities that required full-time nursing care. My cousin had been a long-time Medicaid recipient, but was at risk of losing his benefits due to his inheritance. The rules and requirements surrounding Medicaid coverage are a complex maze we were not equipped to navigate alone. We turned to Kelly Shovelin, based on the recommendation of an attorney-friend who knew of her expertise in this field. Kelly reviewed my cousin’s personal situation and made recommendations that were critical to protecting his interests and reducing the amount of time he would be ineligible for Medicaid. For example, Kelly explained the “spend-down process”, recommending that we pre-pay for our cousin’s funeral so that this need could be met before his assets were completely liquidated due to his Medicaid ineligibility. Because Kelly understands the intricacies of elder law, she acted as a liaison between Medicaid and our family, relieving us of a tremendous burden. Furthermore, she advised us on how to take measures that were at once beneficial to my cousin and appropriate to the legal and ethical constructs of the Medicaid system. Most importantly, Kelly was sensitive to our family and its relationships, treating all of us with dignity and respect. Her kindness and patience with my cousin, who has difficulty communicating due to his stroke, still moves me to tears. Thanks to Kelly’s expertise in her field, her strong communication skills, and her personal sensitivity, I will use her services again and recommend her to anyone faced with similar circumstances.
Kelly brought the perfect combination of strong expertise and personal sensitivity to the situation, helping us to provide for our cousin’s long-term needs. I will use her services again and recommend her to anyone faced with similar circumstances.
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