Graylynn Thrift

A FAMILY AFFAIR: NAVIGATING LEGAL ISSUES AND FAMILY DYNAMICS . . . My parents have reached that unwelcomed stage in life where health issues have compromised their personal safety. When our family made the difficult decision to admit our mother to a nursing home for ‘round-the-clock care, we knew that we would need the assistance of an attorney to wade through the complicated paperwork and procedures. My father, my brother, and I initially met with Kelly Shovelin who earned our complete confidence, both professionally and personally. Kelly led us through the arduous process of getting my mother qualified for Medicaid and admitted to a nursing facility. She also worked with our family estate planning attorney and financial advisor to ensure that all parties were “on the same page” regarding my mother’s asset protection plan and that the powers of attorney provided proper authority for my brother and I to act in my parents’ best interests regarding health, financial and legal matters. Currently, Kelly is helping us navigate through the process of revoking my father’s driving license to protect his safety and the safety of others. As an out-of-state resident who has spent a considerable amount of time traveling between my home and my parents’ home during this recent time of crisis, I am especially grateful for Kelly’s responsive and empathetic communication. She is warm and personable, and she always makes herself readily available to me and my family. In fact, Kelly is the kind of person I would like to have as a friend; and--believe me--that level of comfort is paramount when simultaneously handling delicate family dynamics and complicated legal matters. Kelly Shovelin replaced our feelings of overwhelm and uncertainty as to how to safeguard our parents’ wellbeing with peace of mind and confidence that we have taken every necessary precaution to ensure their comfort and safety.
When our family was faced with the daunting task of safeguarding our parents’ wellbeing, Kelly Shovelin expertly navigated us through complicated legal waters. Her knowledge and responsiveness impressed us, but she earned our complete confidence because she was equally warm and empathetic. Kelly was a true ally as we battled our way through delicate family dynamics, overwhelming emotions, and arduous legal requirements.
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